We provide the next generation access control systems and software solutions for hotels, offices, restaurants, warehouses and a variety of other industries. 

By using GetShop you can reduce your costs and get a competitive edge with our full range of  automated solutions.

GetShop strives to automate as much as possible through software and hardware. 

Get a competitive edge and start increasing  your revenue today by using one or more of our easy-to-use systems.

All our products are built on the same framework and therefore communicate with each other seamlessly.
PMS - Property Management System
Automatic hotel system which works perfectly for small express hotels and conference hotels. 

Automate a range of services like payment, check in, checkout, receipt, booking, room access and more.
APAC - Automated Property Access Control
An innoative access control system that allows you to automatically give access to rooms, apartments or any other area specified for the individual. 

When your customers have paid online they get entry to the property through an access code received by SMS and email.
CMS - Content Management System
Manage your website easily with our easy to use CMS system. Add text, pictures, movies etc. with just a few simple steps.

Our CMS is 100% integrated with PMS, CRS, APAC, RRS and SRS.
RRS - Room Rental System
Rent out office areas, sport areas, swimming pools and much more. 

Customers can order, make changes, and pay online. When payment is confirmed they will receive a code that has access trough APAC.
SRS - Smart Restaurant System
A resturant system suitable for hotels. Combined this with APAC and PMS you have the possibility to add food to the room tab.

Guests verify their identity through the room access code, limiting theft and complaints significantly.
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