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Much more than just a world leading PMS!

Access Control
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A smart cloud based access control system.
Restaurant System
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Serve your guests with this restaurantsystem
PMS System
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A fully featured property management system.
Self Checkin Terminals
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Terminals/Kiosks that can be used for self-service

HTML5 Webpage
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Get your own webpage directly in the same system.
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Personal Guest Assistant - Interact with your guests.
Online Booking
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Allow your guests to book and pay online.
Channel manager
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Automate your channels,, Expedia, etc.
Conference System
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Keep track of your conferences.
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Modern hotels can be complicated and often hard to manage and make profitable.

That's why we created a fully automated booking system!


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Since august 2016 143530 guests have automatically been granted access to their hotel room by me. -KaiPal

We have a built in booking assistant that helps you automate your hotel!

Are you looking for a smart hotel assistant that removes the need for a reception? Look no further. The digital booking assistant KaiPal is here to help. I am an advanced software robot built to help you manage your hotel.

I will take care of your guests so they can book, pay and check into the hotel without human interaction. I will make sure they are given a nice and clean room and helps you optimize the room assignment so that I can serve as many guests as possible. I will talk to the doors for each room and make sure they are ready to recieve the guests. When the guest leaves I will tell the door to keep them out. After that I will kindly ask the cleaning staff to clean the room so that I can rent it out again to another guest. If the cleaning staff does not apply I will make sure the room is unavailable for the rest of the day so that you don't need to explain to anyone why you don't have any clean rooms to give them.

I will keep you updated on the current status of the hotel, and provide you with reports and dashboards. I will take care of the janitor and make sure he/she is reminded that he will do what is needed to keep the rooms in tip top shape. I will even talk to the accountant to make sure he is up to date financially for you.

I am a very good friend of the OTA's and are constantly talking to them, making sure they are up to date with the latest inventory and rates so that no guests are left without a room. If a guest books the same day I will make sure they are checked into the room minutes after they have booked.

- Your best friend, KaiPal.

What else can i do?

Automated booking

I am an automated booking system, that allows for reception free hotels. The customer books with our booking system, and the system tells the customer what is available. The user then chooses the room, and pays.

On the day of arrival the guest gets the code on SMS to the door.


Keep track on budget, sales, availability and much more with GetShop's booking system. We also have reports which you can download.

Everything of course in one seamless system.

Channel management

Optimize your sales by always having rooms available on all channels. We take care of your business and of course automatically update rates and availablity to most channels. It does not matter if bookings come trough your website or any OTA.

The guest gains access by SMS and/or email after they have paid for their room.


Want to greet the customer on arrival with a nice automated message? Or maybe some nice instructions on how to get to your hotel?

This is easy to configure and is available in our system for every hotel owner that uses the GetShop booking system.

One of the the leaders of hotel automation!

We provide the next generation access control systems and software solutions for hotels, offices, restaurants, warehouses and a variety of other industries. 

By using GetShop you can reduce your costs and get a competitive edge with our full range of  automated solutions.

GetShop strives to automate as much as possible through software and hardware. 

Get a competitive edge and start increasing  your revenue today by using one or more of our easy-to-use systems.

All our products are built on the same framework and therefore communicate with each other seamlessly.


The only smartlock you need for upgrading your hotel/house/apartments to become part of a smartsystem. 

Simply install this lock as it does not require any wiring. You can have up to 50 locks on each controller and we also support multiple controllers connected to one system. Because of this the possibilities are endless.
  • Z-wave Plus
  • 25 metres wireless range (can be repeated)
  • 30 codes in total
  • System key in case of electronic failure
  • Remote controllered

The lock we have here is specially modified by GetShop to support all the needs we have. It can also be delivered with different configurations like number of codes, or even with a large datachip to support lots of codes.

We can also ship preconfigured locks in a network which you can install yourself.

The rest of the getshop family

PMS - Property Management System
Do you want the most groundbreaking and most modern hotel system on the market? Then you have come to the right place! We have spent the last four years perfecting the next generation hotel system. 

We have an automatic hotel system that works perfectly for hotels in all shapes and sizes. 

Automate a range of services like payment, check in, checkout, receipt, booking, room access and more.
APAC - Automated Property Access Control
Are you looking for an automated hotel that removes the need for a reception? Where the guests check in and out only through codes sent via SMS and email after payment has been received? Look no further!

An innoative access control system that allows you to automatically give access to rooms, apartments or any other area specified for the individual. 

When your customers have paid online they get entry to the property through an access code received by SMS and email.
CMS - Content Management System
Manage your website easily with our easy to use CMS system. Add text, pictures, movies etc. with just a few simple steps.

Our CMS is 100% integrated with PMS, CRS, APAC, RRS and SRS.
SRS - Smart Restaurant System
A restaurant system suitable for hotels. Combined this with APAC and PMS you have the possibility to add food to the room tab.

Guests verify their identity through the room access code, limiting theft and complaints significantly.

Join the GetShop revolution like our customers and partners are doing


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