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Room Rental System

GetShop has developed a unique and innovative 100% automatic room rental system that gives you the overview and control over who rents your rooms, and when.  Whether you have meeting rooms, sports halls or any other facility that people rent from you, we made a system that gives you the control over who rents it, for what purpose and when. This will result in a better overview, less damages on the property, and no more double bookings.

It simplifies the process for both the administrator and the end user. The user comes to your web-page, chooses the room and the date (s)he wants to rent it, and marks the time (see picture below). You choose whether you want to automatically or manually accept the booking. When the booking is accepted, the room will be marked as unavailable in the system. The system will show which rooms are available, unavailable, occupied and unconfirmed. If a user wants to create a recurring event, this is easily done when making the initial booking. With just a click the user can choose to repeat the booking every week, every month, and so on.

Our system is simple to use and easy to understand for both you and the end user and, and it makes everyone's daily life easier. It is also highly flexible; you can add rooms, remove rooms, close rooms, set the hours for when the rooms are bookable, and a whole range of options with just a few clicks. Nobody needs to be in control of the letting anymore, as our system is 100% automatic, and we have made the lives of our current customers much easier, as they have one less thing to worry about in their daily life. 

Our solution is very flexible and you have a lot of choices, ranging from what the layout should look like, what information you want to collect from those who want to rent, what time the respective rooms can be rented, to what the text should say in the confirmation email. In the demonstration calendar we have set up a fairly standardised solution, but it can look very different. We will set it up for you according to your specific needs. If you have any questions regarding the solution, please contact us on or by phone +47 33 20 08 08.

Here at GetShop we put a lot of effort in having a stable system that is up and running constantly, and we are continously improving our uptime. 

Our Room Rental System is also perfectly integrated with our APAC (Automatic Property Access Control), if you want to add an extra layer of security as to who access your facilities.

100 % automatic room rental system

This gives you the time to focus on the things that really matters to your organisation.
It will save you and your organiastion all time, money and
energy to have a system that automates the rental of your properties.
It makes a hectic work day less hectic, and instead of having more work to worry
about, you can sit back and and let the system do what it does best.

Full overview of availability

The user can always see when the different rooms are available from the list in the menu. Rooms that are unavailable at a specific time or date will be marked in red. You can also close rooms for bookings and add new rooms to the menu with just a few clicks.

Simple and easy to use

It is a very simple and effective system to use for both the administrator
and the end user. With a very intuitive design and easy to navigate
menus, you have a whole world of options you can choose from. You can
easily remove or add new rooms or locations to the menu, and close them
for period of times.

Never any double bookings

With our system it is impossible to make double bookings. Whenever a user has booked a room, it will show up in the system as unavailable, and cannot be booked again at the same date or time. 

Control who can rent the rooms

You decide if the user is allowed to rent the room directly, or if you want
to screen the user before accepting the booking. You can give users the
freedom to book anytime, or get a notification that someone has booked
the room, and accept after you have checked who the user is, and for
what purpose the user wants to rent the room.

Stable system

Our system is very stable and has virtually no down-time. We put a lot of effort in stability, and with an average uptime of 99.9% in the last year, we can proudly proclaim to be among the most stable actors on the market. But that does not mean we cannot get better, and we are continuoulsy striving for perfection.

Make recurring bookings

If an end-user wants to make a weekly or monthly booking at the same
hour atthe same day for the following year, it is easily done at the time
of the original booking. 

APAC - Automatic Property Access Control

If you want to have 100% control of who is accessing your rooms, we can also deliver our APAC-system to your organisation. 

We always look forward to new hotels.
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