PMS - Property Management System

GetShop PMS is one of a kind. We have stretched the limits of what is possible when it comes to automation of hotel systems. By integrating our PMS 100% with our APAC (Automated Property Access Control) we are able to provide you with a system that is more automated than any else of its kind (that we know of).

The guests are able to book online, pay and automatically gain access to their room for the night through an access code sent by email and SMS. No humans are involved in the check in / check out as payments are done online. With our smart "Cleaning Program" used from a smartphone, the system is able to see if the room is cleaned or not. If the room has not been cleaned upon check in, the code will not be dispatched to your guests.
A system really easy to use while not compromising on functionality. 

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Our mobile express PMS system
Our web-based system

Integration with accounting systems

Connect the PMS with your accounting system and save hours of accounting. GetShop PMS is built upon accounting rules so it easily communicates with accounting systems. All orders are created in the PMS; and all taxes, product information, and stayover information are transferred to accounting.

Cleaning Application

Keeping a hotel clean is essential to gain customer satisificiation. If you do not have a clean hotel you will score low on OTA's, etc. and your hotel will not be recommended to other guests.

GetShop PMS comes with a Cleaning Application, which is a smartphone application used by the cleaning staff to keep track of what needs to be cleaned. It simply lists the rooms that has the highest priority at the top, then stayovers and the rest of the rooms that needs cleaning below.

When a room has been cleaned, the cleaning staff marks the room as clean and the system delegates the room to the guest immediately if the check in time has passed.

It has never been easier for the cleaning staff to keep track of the cleaning process.

Janitor Application

With the smartphone application you can access the feature "Janitor Tasks". This keeps a list of all the tasks a janitor needs to perform. 

The cleaning staff logs entries when they see broken stuff, e.g. a broken toilet. When a new task is added the janitor can easily get an overview of everything that needs to be fixed, and can tick off tasks that has been completed.

This is also very convenient for the hotel manager in order to get an overview.

Easy communication with guests

It has never been easier to communicate with your guests. You can send messages to any of the individual guests directly from the PMS, or you can send a group message to all that is currently inhouse. 

Sending messages is also possible from the smartphone application. Select "Messaging", type your message and hit send.

Booking confirmations and invoices/receipts can also be sent directly from the system automatically.

Marketing modules / Company accounts

By setting up company accounts you can set prices for them directly. Under "My Page" the companies can log in and while they are logged in they will get their personalised prices if configured. 

While logged in, the booking process becomes super simple, very convenient for companies that are often visiting your hotel. 

A company owner can also make a booking for any employee in the company with just a few clicks.

Discount codes/coupons

There is a wide range of discount possibilites. Create a discount code and have the guest enter it while booking. Attach add-ons to the discount code that you would like to give away or limit the discount to only be active for a given period.

 - A fixed discount per stay
 - A fixed price per stay
 - Discount for longer stay
 - Include add-ons to a discount count.

Administrate bookings and orders

Easy to administrate bookings, whether it is a group booking or a single booking. You do not need to think about availability since the system will automatically handle it for you.

Add-ons and products

Create whatever you want as add-ons and add them to the room. Whether it is breakfast, parking, or just simply an event happening. Set a price and specify if you want to include it in the room price or not.


100% API coverage

API is the core for everything we do. Everything you can do in the UI is also possible to do programmatically using our autogenerated API. Upon request we can provide an API for the languages Java, Javascript and Python

Mobile application

We have a special mobile website created to ease the administration for express hotels. The mobile version is created to handle the most common actions while you are on the run. You can change the code for a room, change the stay, extend the stay, mark a room as cleaned or look up a guest.

OTA/GDS - Channel Manager

Yes, we are connected. We are supporting hundreds of OTA's all over the world using our partner WuBook. Everything is handled automatically of course. Prices, availability and no-shows are automatically communicated to the OTA's.


We support the most standard reports. If necessary we can create a special report to you upon request.

Read more about reports here, and how it works.

Adaptive availability

The system is live and is always striving for optimal coverage. This means it will always try to get the coverage aligned in the best order to fit guests on the room in the best way. This also means that if a guest wants to extend the stay and a guest is checking in to the same room it will be moved automatically to a new room if possible.

100% automatic check in/out

Guests check in automatically when the room has been paid for and are cleaned. You specify the minimum boarding hours and the code will be sent immediately after the room has been marked as cleaned. When the time for the checkout has passed or a checkout cleaning has been made, the code for the room will be rendered inactive.

Code is sent within a minute after booking

When someone book online they will recieve the code within a minute after the payment has been completed. This means a drop-in guest can book using their mobile phone and check into the room within a minute.

Predefined add-ons view in mobile

Create a predefined mobile view for your add-ons. This comes in handy if you sell products that someone else is going to handle. For example if a bakery is handling the breakfast; Give the bakery the mobile administration panel (restricted to this view) and avoid check in lists later on. Just let them check the list themselves in the morning, fully updated.

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