Its hard to get a perfect system where overbookings never occure

Chances are high that an overbooking has been caused since you landed on this page.
This page is ment to help you avoid this in the future. 

Why overbooking
We are living in a world where everyone should be able to book from everywhere. You should have the flexibility to do changes to your guests no mather what the OTA's says, put them on whatever room you see fit without thinking about the concequenses, and sell all rooms on all channels at all the time. Whenever a guest books trough your website, the OTA (online travel agencies like, expedia, etc) needs to informed that a room has been removed, thus not selling it. We have invested our life into making sure overbookings are not happening, however we can not make it a perfect world without changing the world as well. Communicating with all systems out there puts limit on what is possible to do. Below are the cases where overbooking can happen.

Case 1 - There is space, but it is impossible to get the booking to make it fit
The ota's often handle occupancy regardless of what specific room you are assigning guests to.
Let's say we are updating the occupancy from monday to wednesday: (Monday: 2, Tuesday: 2, Wednesday 2, Thursday, 2).
You have two bookings already registered as the following:
Monday to wednesday (2 nights) room 1
Wednesday to Friday (2 nights) room 2
What happends now is that the ota's will see that you have 2 rooms available for each day and try to sell them all. However you do only have 1 room available for all 4 days. This is something that will be ignored by the OTA and it will try to sell 2 rooms for 4 days. If it able to do so an overbooking will occure.

(illustration where rooms are assigned in a way where it is blocking one room for the whole periode)

Solution: Do not assign guests to the rooms in the future, let the system handle it for you, have trust in GetShop.

Case 2 - A different channel is unaware of your current booking status
We do not communicate changes to the booking two ways to the OTA's. For example if you get a booking for 1 day double room. It will be registered as a booking 1 day double room. Then later on you navigate to the PMS and change the booking in GetShop. Let us say you change it from a double room to a single room for whatever reason. What happends then is that you free up one double room and the OTA's will be informed about this. And of course it will also inform that the single room has been occupied. Everything good so far, no harm done. No overbooking can happen at this stage. The double room are sold again and the hotel is filled up. It is now the sneaky part is happening, for an unknown reason the guest who ordered the double room decides to cancel this room. OTA which believes that he has cancelled the double rooms frees up one double room, inform us that the booking that has been changed to a single room is freed up. Now we have a state where we have theese state: 
GetShop : one free single room, no free double room
OTA : one free double room, no free single room
The ota will sell this double room and an overbooking happends. GetShop will try to correct this mistake but might not be able to do so fast enough.
Solution: Always as the ota's to do the changes.

Case 3 - Multiple bookings at the same time
This one is simple to understand. You are connected to 2 OTA's and your own website. You have 1 room to sell which is available to sell in all three channels. At the same time someone books at all three channels. This will cause 3 bookings when you have 1 available room. This case is rare since it everyone is informed all the time about the ocupancy. However there might be delays in the communication between the channels.
Solution: Hold back one room to sell for each category to minimize risk.

Case 4 - Ota's are not fast enough to update occupancy
This case is something we cannot do much about. This is about how fast the OTA's update their occupancy. We will update the occupancy for each room category within one minute after a change has been happening. Then it is up to the ota's to make sure they do implement the update. 
Someone books a room at your website. GetShop is telling the OTA to remove this room so its not sold. It takes 5 minutes for the OTA to be updated about this. Meanwhile someone buys this room.
Solution: There are no solution this problem

Case 5 - Someone is checking in earlier than others are checking out
Let us say that you have check-in for all rooms set at 09:00. And you sell bookings to the OTA's where checkout is 12:00. Then we can't add it to the system and risk that someone is getting the same room at the same tiime. We will add it as an overbooking.

None of the cases above?
If you are 100% sure that an overbooking has been caused without any of the cases above? Contact us and we will investigate it.


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