Adding a discount to a user

First find the user by navigating opening a booking registered to the user. Then click on the tine  icon found in the user information field in the booking.

Then navigate to the account settings:
1. Fixed price or percentage discount
2. If you want them to receive an invoice, you can choose the preferred payment type to be invoice
3. You specify the discounts in the box below on each type of room, i.e. if you want a 10% discount on triple rooms and 0% discount on double rooms, you can give it to them by typing 10 and 0 in the corresponding fields
4. If you want the guest to be invoiced after your stay, activate "create order after stay"

Then you can put a password on the box next to it. Afterwards the user can log in with the email address and password you have created. After they have logged on they will get the selected prices when booking.

Adding discount codes to be used while booking

In the price section you can add discount codes. First create a discount code and add restriction to it later on. When creating the discount code you can add it by using a fixed price, percentage discount or by using a fix discount.

After a discount has been added restriction can be set with following restriction:
1. The actual stay ; Meaning the periode the guest will be staying, the code is not valid for the periode not selected.
2. The day of the booking ;  Meaning when a booking is created, this is useful if you for example want to run a campaign this week for everyone registered for this time periode.

Long term deal

If you want to create a discount for those who stay for a longer periode. For example this setup:
3 - 10 (those staying for a minimum 3 day periode will get a 10 percentage discount).
5 - 20 (those staying for a minimum 5 day periode will get a 20 percentage discount).
7 - 30 (those staying for a minimym 7 days periode will get a 30 percentage discount).


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