Great use of plug-in

Sweden’s first hotel using GetShop’s automated hotel solutions will be opening in July. JBP Hotell will use all of our automated services, and they have taken it one step further when it comes to the booking process.

To automate or not to automate...

Our experience is that guests are lot more welcoming and open to hotel automation than hotel owners and hotel operators in general. The technological world is evolving faster than the hotel industry adapt to it on average, but GetShop is here to take care of those ready to embrace it.

It's all about the details

It's not a big feature, but it's a new and good looking one. Now all your guests will appear with a flag next to their name, so you can easily identify their nationality. 

Check if everything has been billed

GetShop has made it easier than ever to keep control of your billing. A new feature lets you check any room on any given date to see if the correct sum has been billed. Read more about it here.  

Now GetShop is auto-charging credit card payments

We just started up with a new premium service where you can automatically charge credit card payments directly for bookings coming from both the OTA’s and the website.

Introducing Sales Point

If you are selling any items in the reception in your hotel, Sales Point is a great and convenient way to sell whatever the products may be.

Limit access levels in the PMS

Now it is possible to give different access levels to the different administrators within the PMS.

GetShop Support Centre

In order to make our support more effective than ever we have developed GetShop Support Centre. You can read more about it here.

Ready for camping

GetShop has now optimised the system to support camping sites wherever they may be located in the world. Our system is extremely flexible, and having your camping running on GetShop’s system have multiple benefits.

Choose different types of rooms in the PMS

GetShop recently made it possible to choose between different types of rooms within your hotel.

New and better curcuit board

We have re-designed and created the next generation circuit board that will give us a lot more freedom and opportunities in the future. 

Advanced price yielding

GetShop recently launched advanced price yielding in the PMS. That means you can now set the prices based on the occupancy and how many days in advance the hotel room is booked.

PMS 2.0

Yesterday GetShop launched PMS 2.0. It has the same functionality as PMS, but the core system has been rewritten to signficantly improve speed.

Automation Award

GetShop has been nominated for the Automation Award at Hotel Tech Live 2018 in London. 

Benefits of hotel automation

There are many benefits to hotel automation, and this post will highlight the most crucial ones.

Automation in hotel industry

Automation of the hotel industry is here to stay. And the good news for you is that GetShop can help you get a competitive edge with the most modern hotel automation system.

Fully automated system in hotel

GetShop is the leader when it comes to fully automating your hotel on all levels. In fact, we know of no one else that provides a system as complex as ours.

Guest survey

Interested in knowing how satisfied a customer was with their stay? Want to know what you do good? Want to know what you could do better?

Need to clean the rooms?

Of course you do. And it has never been easier for you and the cleaning personell to keep track of what needs cleaning when, and to directly update all systems with the push of a button.

Welcome to Nordlys Hotell Alta

It is the northernmost hotel using our system, and they are using our PMS, APAC, CMS and booking engine. This makes them the most technological hotel in Alta by far.

The FIFA World Cup 2018 is kicking off today

Do you want to enjoy every single goal, all the penalties, all yellow and red cards, and every other minute of the action? Do you want to offer the same to your guests? GetShop has you covered.

Need to get a quick message out to everybody staying in the hotel?

Then you just take up your phone, go to GetShop Express and choose SMS. Write what you want to inform your guests about and click send message. It doesn't get any easier.

Winter or summer, doesn’t matter

We have already proven our locks can handle the extreme cold. Now we have proven that they can withstand extreme heat too.

Hotel Tech Live 2018

GetShop's automated hotel system is getting more and more traction around the world. Things are moving fast, and GetShop is heading to the 2018 edition of Hotel Tech Live, the leading exhibition on emerging technologies in the hotel world. Here you can read the official article about GetShop.

Cake is what we do

Not making cake, but making reasons for others to order cake. GetShop is the cause for a lot of cake eating around the world. You would probably order a cake too if you realised how much money you would save using GetShop's automated hotel system for smart hotels.

A vast array of discounts

Whether you want to have a promotional discount, give long term deals or increase prices based on coverage, GetShop has you covered.

New look on website

Again, we have revamped our website, making it more convenient and easier to navigate in than ever before. 

New and powerful CRM

GetShop recently launched a new and more powerful CRM that lets hotels keep track of the guests and companies more efficiently.

Need to add restrictions to bookings?

Our restriction system is very powerful and can be used in a lot of different ways.

Welcome to Kristiansand Hotel Apartments

We welcome the latest hotel to the GetShop family. Kristiansand Hotel Apartments is a seasonal hotel operating out of the southern part of Norway.

Additional guest price per adult/child

We have a neat little function that lets you adjust the room price based on how many people are staying in the room.

Do you have a hole like this?

Then we have some good news for you, because you are just a mortise and a Smart Lock away from an automated hotel.

New and better nationality statistics

We just released a new and better statistics overview that not only shows the nationality of the guests, but it also makes it easier to see which continents bring in more guests. 

Option to pay now or pay later

GetShop has now introduced an option that allows the guests to decide if they want to pay their stay immediately or pay when the payment link is being sent out.

GetShop can both save and help your hotel

What we do best here at GetShop is automation. Automation means dramatically reducing costs, and more and more hotels understand the importance of this.

Embeddable booking engine and booking flow

Now you can choose to integrate our booking engine and booking flow directly onto your website.

Any language you want in the booking flow

With GetShop’s booking flow, you can choose to present your hotel in as many languages as you want. This way you know that regardless of which language your guests speak, they will understand what they are booking.

And a welcome to Jegtvolden Fjordhotell

We are happy to welcome Jegtvolden Fjordhotell to GetShop. Now they can rest assured that the PMS will take care of their daily routine work, which means they can spend more time taking care of their guests. 

Welcome F2 Harstad

F2 Harstad, a part of the Nordic Group, are re-launching today, fully complete with GetShop’s automated hotel solutions. We are very happy to join forces with F2.

14 days free trial

We have now made it so everybody can try GetShop 14 days for free, no strings attached.

Payment options of your choice

Here at GetShop we believe in freedom of choices, and this is reflected in our selection of payment methods.

Now supporting time zones

This weekend we released time zone support. That means you can sit in a completely different time zone and work in your hotel’s current one. 

Pricing calculator

We have seen an increased interest in our products and services lately where people are asking about our prices. In order to be more transparent and make it easier for you, we have made a pricing calculator.

Next Generation Access Controller

We recently blogged about our coming PGA. Well, we will take it to the next level while we’re at it, introducing the access controller box of the future.

Meet Shaggy, our office cat

One of GetShop’s departments moved offices recently, and with the new office came a cat named Shaggy.

GetShop featured in Horecanytt

Yesterday GetShop’s was featured in Horecanytt (a Norwegian trade magazine for the hotel industry), and the article focused on our reception free solutions. 

Guest Blog in Hotel Speak

GetShop had a guest blog in Hotel Speak titled The Receptionist is Dead – Why Hotels Need to Embrace Automation.

PGA coming August 2018

Here at GetShop we have worked on a Personal Guest Assistant for some time, and we are proud to announce the that it will be ready by August 2018.

Godspeed dear terminals

After some weeks of software- and hardware installations, prototyping and testing, we sent out the first self-service kiosks this weekend. They are all set up and ready for use at their final location.

Better overview of our services

We have spent some time freshening up our website, in order to better present all aspects of our services. 

Good morning GDPR

Here at GetShop we serve and protect and we are welcoming the GDPR. Are you ready yet?

Zero support

One of our goals here at GetShop is to have zero support calls or support mails, and we work very hard every day to make that happen.

Autosend SMS and emails to your guests

With GetShop’s PMS and automated hotel system you can send out messages to your guests at any given predefined time either by SMS or email.

Information screens

GetShop has entered a partnership that gives us the best information screens on the market. 

Our APAC makes your life easier

Tired of handing out keys? Tired of losing keys? Tired of changing locks? Tired of having to show up just to give one guest access to the room? If you answer yes to one or more of these you should read on.

Our locks can handle extreme temperatures

We are happy to announce that of all the locks we have spread out around Norway, zero went down during what has been one of the coldest winters in many years.

Websites that support any language

If you are working in the hotel industry, you probably have customers from all over the world. Then a webpage that can support different languages is oftentimes a must.

The difference between GetShop and other systems

Scenario: Imagine you have spent whole long day running from meeting to meeting, dealing with crying kids in the car or travelling for hours until the end. What’s the last thing you want to do when you are dead tired and you finally arrive at the hotel? 

Some of the modules we provide in our PMS

Here you can read about some of the most popular modules that comes included in our PMS.

Want to get more bookings through your website instead of OTA’s?

In our coming PMS it is very easy to have a different price on your website and on the OTA’s.

Add-ons is a great selling tool

With GetShop’s PMS it’s very easy to let customers choose what they want of your services, as we have a very simple to use add-on feature in the PMS. 

A bit about our logic

We want to be affordable for everyone and have the most self-explanatory system on the market. We never charge any commission on sales and don’t have a duration on our contracts.

Increasing revenue while decreasing prices?

Impossible you say? Not really. Read here to find out how that is possible.

Japan, New Zealand, Canada or Argentina?

It doesn’t matter where you are, we will deliver our system and our products to your doorstep in any part of the world. 

They have arrived!

We’ve had some customers asking for a self service check-in machine not to lose out on walk-ins that don’t have a method for online payment. We liked that challenge!

3 types of hotels that ought to choose GetShop

GetShop’s automated hotel system is designed to work in any kind of hotel. However, there are three types of hotels that have the most to gain by joining us. You can read more about it here.

We are very pleased to welcome City Hotel Meppel to GetShop, the first Dutch hotel to start using our system

Today is the first day they can welcome their guests on their APAC, and City Hotel Meppel can now proudly say that they are the most technological hotel in the Netherlands.

GetShop Express

GetShop Express is a very neat system and is the lite version of our PMS that those who work with the hotel can use with ease. You can read about its most vital functions here.

We are happy to welcome the newest member, Finsnes Gaard, to the GetShop family

Even though they are not opening until the 15th of June this year, you can already now book rooms for the summer.

Get an automated hotel in 1-2-3

It’s very easy to get a smart hotel. So easy that you can do it all by yourself. We send you the pre-programmed locks and take care of all the technical things. You just have to put them in the door.

PMS with SRS

Why pay more for less? We make life easy for you here at GetShop. There is no need to have two different suppliers for your restaurant and your hotel software. Therefore we have made the SRS (Smart Restaurant System). And the best part? It comes free with the PMS!

Do you close your hotel in the off-season?

Well, we have some good news for you! Those days can now be long gone!

A small package with a powerful content

This is all you need in order to automate a hotel with 9 rooms and one entrance door.

We are happy to welcome Lofoten Bed & Breakfast to GetShop

The latest addition to the GetsShop family is situated in beautiful Lofoten. They have decided to start using GetShop PMS, the most modern PMS on the market.

Worried about the locks jamming and guests stuck inside the room?

Then you will be pleased to know that all of our locks can be opened with a master key from the outside, and the guests can always open it by using the handle on the inside.

Worried about a power outage?

There is no need to be with GetShop’s automated hotel system and our APAC. Our system is built to withstand even long term power outages.

Meet KaiPal, our new robot friend

KaiPal is our latest addition to GetShop. He will make sure that everything is running smoothly for you and your automated hotel.

An automated hotel system should be automated

Not forcing people to download applications, use the bluetooth on their phone, or go to a self service kiosk. Those days are gone, and should never have existed.

GetShop featured in Latest Gadgets Tech

Today GetShop is featured in the magazine Latest Gadgets Tech, who has taken an interest in our automated hotel solutions.

Historical data going live as of today

Since we started counting back in August 2016, 105 074 guests have checked in using GetShops automated hotel system (at the time of writing this post).

How queuing can damage your hotel's reputation

Guests hate waiting, and that can have severe consequences for how your hotel is both viewed and reviewed. Not only does shorter check-in time increase overall satisfaction, but having to wait in line can significantly impact your hotel negatively, and this drop in customer satisfaction will vary depending on where your guests are from.

Do you need a channel manager?

If you have your hotel rooms, apartments or your cabins for rent many places online at the same time, we strongly recommend that you use GetShop’s channel manager.

We are very happy to welcome Sea Story Hotel to GetShop

They are renting out 13 exclusive apartments, and the whole system is operated by GetShop, from the APAC to the PMS.

Need a new website or an upgrade of your current?

GetShop doesn’t only automate hotels, we can help you improve your current website if you feel you have the need for that. Or we can create one for you if you don’t have one already.

What is the difference between an income report and a coverage report?

An income report and a coverage report are quite different in nature, and yield different information, and the main differences are outlined here.

Greet the guests with a message

When using GetShop’s system, an entry code is sent out on SMS or email (or both) that will allow guests into their room on the day of check-in. 

Welcome doggies and all other animals

We are now welcoming all dogs and any other animals that are allowed in the hotels. Our new function easily lets you choose how many animals are allowed in each respective room.

Locks for automated hotels

Our customised locks are at the heart of our operations, and these locks can be used on any door if you want to upgrade your hotel to an automated hotel, or upgrade any other establishment for that sake.

A nicer and better design

We have overhauled our webpages to better reflect the modern design of our next generation PMS. Soon you will be able to make a booking through our front page, so you will experience how the booking process looks and feels like in real terms. Just like guests around the world experiences it when booking in our system.

Automate your house with APAC

We have made a new section dedicated to selling locks and accessories. So yo can buy our products and set them up yourself. All you need to enter your house (and any other door you choose to include in your house) is a code. 

Automatic hostels

GetShop recently made the automated hotel system functional for hostels. This is a small but crucial step in our development plans. 

Happy New Year from GetShop

Will 2018 be the year where you automate your hotel? There really is no reason not to.

Hotel automation upgrades coming!

2018 is coming up and GetShop will have a lot of goodies for our customers and our future customers this year, especially on the hotel automation part of our operations. Just follow us and keep getting updates as they are getting published.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to all of our partners, future partners, customers, future customers, suppliers, future suppliers and everybody else. 

Discount codes

Want to have a campaign in your hotel? Do you want to have a fixed discount for your regular guests? Or do you want to have a limited exclusive offer? GetShop gives you the power to choose!

Enhanced mobile experience for those on the run

We have an optimised mobile website for those that are often on the run with no laptop at all times. Read more about it here.

Adaptive availability

Ever had a guest that decided in the morning that he wanted to stay an extra night in the hotel? Probably! And that somebody else is supposed to move into that specific room the same day, and the system does not like it one bit? Probably that too! But here comes GetShop and saves the day.

Housekeeping and janitor application for your hotel

GetShop PMS has an integrated housekeeping application for the cleaning personell, and a janitor application for the janitor. The best part of it? They are seamlessly integrated. Read more about it here.

Do you have a restaurant in your hotel?

Ever had someone pretend to be a guest and put the tab on any room? Ever had guests mistakenly put the tab on the wrong room? Ever had guests complaining that items were charged to the room but they never bought them? Not any more. With GetShop SRS these horror stories need no longer exist.

Send SMS and email in GetShop PMS

Need to get a message out to a guest immediately? Or have a question for the guest that you need a reply to straight away? GetShop have made two way communication with guests simpler than ever.

Reliable hotel automation

Automating the hotel industry is not easy, but we think it’s fun, and that is why GetShop is the front runner with the most modern technology. 

SMS check-in for the win

Losing keys and keycards is something that hotels and guests are all too familiar with. It is both a hassle and a financial issue to make new key cards or replace lost keys. GetShop has solved this problem!

Price is the second most important for guests

Price is the second most important factor to guests when choosing hotel only beaten by location. 

A warm welcome to Hardanger Gjestehus

We are welcoming the latest member to GetShop family. Hardanger Gjestehus has started using our PMS, our booking solution and our APAC. 

Automatic meeting rooms and booking calendar

We have seen an increased demand for our automatic booking solution for meeting rooms. It’s as simple as it is genius. If you have any area that you rent out, be it a building, offices, playground or meeting rooms that people are renting from you, GetShop has the solution. And it’s all automatic!

Our hotel system and APAC

One of GetShop’s philosophies is that everything that can be automated, should be automated. As the world is progressing, so is automation. At GetShop we have automated many things, but what we will describe today is our hotel PMS system integrated with our APAC (Automated Property Access Control). 


These days we are in betatesting of GetShop Upsell system.

Banken Hotell Haugesund

GetShop is proud to announce that Banken Hotel Haugesund has converted to GetShop solution

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