APAC - Automated Property Access Control

The access control system plays a central role in hotel automation. When we first started our journey for hotel automation we had to overcome this obstacle. The access control system was one of the first things we needed solve. You cannot automate a hotel if you don't get rid of physical items like key or keycards. That is why we started looking at a keycode system that could be used for this purpose. After crawling the Internet for a good solution we ended up at this page. And that is because there were no good access control systems for hotel automation out there. We simply needed to build one ourselves. 

We needed a simple and flexible, but also powerful access control system to make your hotel automated. What we offer you is a cloud based keyless access control that your guests will love.

Now two years have passed since we released GetShop APAC to our first hotel, and now it has all you need for hotel automation. From the push of a button (or automatically) you can dispatch keycodes by sms and email to the guest. The code will then work for the duration of the stay and it communicates with both the hotel room and the entrance doors. This means you don't have to use separate access codes if you have external doors the guest needs to go through. When the guest leaves the code will be rendered useless and a new code will be sent to the next guest.


In 2015 GetShop decided to use Z-Wave as the communcation protocol for the APAC System, which has turned out to be a very reliable, stable and secure solution.

Z-Wave is the world's largest wireless network for home automation. Basically what we do is introducing this to the hotel world and making a complete controller for your hotel, where everything is managed from the same platform. 


The only smart lock you need for upgrading your hotel to become part of a smart system. 

Simply install this lock as it does not require any wiring. You can have up to 50 locks on each access controller and we also support multiple controllers connected to one system.
  • Z-wave Plus
  • 25 metres wireless range
  • 5 master codes / 25 guest codes
  • System key in case of electronic failure
  • Remote controller
The lock we have here is specially modified by GetShop to support all the needs we have. It can also be delivered with different configurations like amount of codes, and also with a large data chip that supports even more codes.


The code size is 4 to 6 digits, and this is predefined when ordering the APAC system. The system automatically generates random codes so it is always ready to be sent to any guest. If you have the APAC system integrated into GetShop PMS the code will not be sent out before the room has been paid for and cleaned. It will even prioritise clean rooms and make sure everyone are automatically assigned a room.


The system has master codes that can be given to the janitors, cleaning staff and other operators. The master codes work for all the locks in the system. If a code gets lost to the public you can easily change them by the push of a button. The era for re-ordering keys and keycards are long gone.


You decide yourself if you wish to use the APAC with the PMS or without it. It works great as a standalone cloud access control system too.

Without PMS
If you decide to not utilise the complete package you can do so by only setting up the automated cloud based access control system. When using it as a standalone system you will be able to manually send the codes by SMS and email to your guests. Once guests check out you simply delete them from the system and then they will be rendered usless.

With PMS
When using it with GetShop Property Management system you will get a 100% automated system, where guests can book online, and also get a clean room automatically from the system, through an access control that is controlled directly from the PMS.


You can decide when ordering locks if you want a unique key or a master key to go with it. The key is only used for maintenance in case of flat battery or technical issues. They are great to have when they are needed, but it is always recommended to use pin-codes for your guests.


During the setup of a new APAC you should think through your building entrance and layout. Our support employees are happy to help you out here. What you need to keep in mind is that the guests probably need access to more than one door. This could be for instance the entrance door(s), the hotel rooms and maybe a gym, canteen, bathroom, lift, or even a gate of some kind.

By setting up access groups and then connect an access group to a hotel room you will be able to make a very dynamic layout of where guests should be allowed to go within your hotel.


Next time you are looking for a new access control system, pay special attention to the entrance doors. Normally entrance doors need an electronic strike instead of a regular hotel lock. Also it needs to be a cloud based system with a KeyPad on the outside. 

We provide an access controller that we have developed ourselves with the Wiegand 26 interface key panels, making it possible to select a wide range of key-panels.
  • WiFi /  Ethernet
  • Secure SSL connection
  • Electronic Strike
  • 2 doors operator
  • Swing door automatic
  • Slide doors
  • Magnetic locks.
  • Time period restrictions
  • Lifts
  • Indoor and outdoor gates
With our 2 doors access controller added to the APAC we are able to deliver the most comprehensive system for you.

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