APAC - Automated Property Access Control

How it works: The guest books a room from your website (or through an OTA). On the arrival date, the guest receives a code on SMS/email that works on the room door (and any other predefined door the guest should have access to) during his/her stay. When the check out time comes, the code will be rendered useless, and after the room has been marked as clean, a new code is generated to the next guest.

Our APAC solution is built to be easy and expandable and that is very possible with our multiserver APAC solution. We can with confidence say that we can handle as many locks as you would like to bring into the solution.

A code is instantly sent to the customer when the payment has completed. The code for the door will be sent by SMS and email so no smart phone is needed for this to operate. Combine it with sublocks and you have a powerful solution that fits your need when it comes to access control. This way you can guide your customer trough the external doors and all the way into the hotel room with one single code.


One code to rule them all (master codes)

The system has master codes that can be given to the janitors, cleaning staff and operators. The master codes work for all the locks in the system. If a code gets lost to the public you can easily change them to keep your buildings secure.

Another code to rule some of them (user codes)

When a guest is given a code, it can use the code for access to areas. This can be a top floor, a hotel room, a conference room, a restaurant, external doors and any other area with restricted access. You choose which rooms each individual guest should have access to.

No manual update on lock is needed

All the codes are updated automatically. All you need to do is to use the system or have your customers use the system.

Easy to install

Since the locks are wireless, all you have to do is to install them on the door and set up the network for communication. We will be happy to help you set up the network if needed.

Issue new codes by pressing one button

If someone is asking for a new code, all you have to do is open your mobile phone, navigate to the guest asking for a new code and press "Create new code". A new code is then sent by email and SMS to the guest. The old code will automatically be rendered useless and deleted from the system.

Resend codes with one push of a button

Sometimes a code gets lost. Press "resend code" and get it back to the happy owner of the code.

No RFID card is needed

We have removed the need of RFID cards for an optimal automatic experience. Everyone use their code for a predefined limited time for the locks.

Always possible to exit the door

You are always able to exit the room even if the code has been disabled. For fire safety this is a must. This is done by disabling the handle outside of the door.

Secure wireless communication

All our networks are secured using VPN networks, and the wireless traffic is encrypted using AES encryption.

Long range communcation

The range can be extended using a mesh network for the wireless locks up to 4 jumps. This means it has a communcation range much longer than regular WiFi. We have set up networks over 8 floors in one single network, and if that is not enough, it can always be extended with more networks for larger distances.

Multiserver support

You can add as many servers as you want to create different networks communicating with each other. This allows the system to remove all limits on how many locks you would like to add to the system and the range between each lock. 

Battery status feedback

All battery locks reports the percentage back to the graphical interface. That way you can keep track on when you need to change the batteries. For convenience the locks supports AA batteries and have a 2 years power support for 4 AA batteries.

Supports network outages

All locks are pre-filled with at least twenty codes. This means it does not need to communicate with the locks while the codes are being used. This makes the solution robust and reliable. By default 5 codes are master codes and 15 codes are for regular usage. This means that if you use 1 code per day, you can go without network coverage for 15 days.

Servers are always monitored

All servers are pinged each minute. If the server is out for 10 minutes a mail is sent to the administrator as a notification. It will also notify the administration panel that a node in the network has been lost.

Advanced entrance system

GetShop also provides advance entrance system that are able to handle high traffic. The possibilites for this is endless and can be used for gates, entrance doors, and much more. Its also possible to combine it with electric motors like door-slide openers or other applications.

Possible with complex network structure

One of the main feature is that this system allows you to manage your buildings from a centralized location. By using secure VPN in a star network configuration you can have multiple buildings with multiple rooms connected to one place. Managed all your locks from a single place trough a webpage, or your smartphone.

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