Addons is a powerful feature that can be used for many things. For instance you can add extra cleaning, breakfasts, flowers, choclate etc to a booking. Addons is basically products that is added to a booking with a price that is used for invoicing.

1. Specify time periode for an addon
Lets say that you want to have an addon that is available for booking only on specified time periodes. This could be a special offer that you can provide during a season etc.

The following settings are found under "Config".

Click on the "Edit" Addon button indicated in the red circle in the picture.
At the bottom of the edit product section you find the date range section. 

Select a date range for when you want this addon to be active. Pay attention to the dropdown box that says "on stay"  / "on booking".

On Stay = This booking can be added during the stay date
On Booking = This addon can be booked on the day they actually do the booking

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