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This Terms & Conditions will be the general conditions for all sales from GetShop AS, unless otherwise other conditions agreed upon in written form

1. Customers

GetShop reserves the right to terminate any relationships that are violationg this Terms & Conditions, whitout any notice in advance.


2. Economically accountable for usage of GetShop products

GetShop can and will not be held responsable for any loses or damages, herby but not included financial and physical damages, as a result of use of GetShop products and services.


3. Bugs / Support

GetShop includes one hour a month free support trough GetShop ticket system. All support cases should be created in the ticket system, reported bugs and support trough other channels will not be answered. Phone support can be offered upon additional agreements.


4. Cancellation

GetShop reserves the rights to cancel any of our services with a one month notice. GetShop does not operate with any binding of any kind so the Customer has the right to stop using any of GetShop services at any time.


5. Warranty

All hardware bought from GetShop comes with one year of warrenty. Hardware that requires software to operate correctly are also garantueed to operate correctly for one year. 


6. Customer responsibilities

  • When replacement parts are sent to the customers its their responsibility to see that the parts are replaced. 
  • GetShop always advice all customers to have redundant solutions for all critical systems to avoid downtime
  • If GetShop sends technicans the customer are economically responsible to suited accomodation for the technican.
  • If GetShop sends technicans the customer are economically responsible to suited parking
  • While using GetShop Support services the customers are to be polite and respect GetShop Customes Service team. Please refreign from using multiple exclamation marks, words like asap. There is no need to make demands as our support team are doing their best.


7. New features / Changes

GetShop reserves the right to do changes to the system without any notice to continue to ensure marked superiority. Also reserve the right to remove functionallity from the customers account and add new functionallity that are not available for the customer.


8. Billing

The customer are billed for its usage of the services after each month has passed. GetShop reserves the right to stop any services and products that are not paid 5 days after due date of the payment. All hardware that are shipped or installed by GetShop technican should be paid in advance unless otherwise is agreed upon.


9. Change of terms & Conditions

GetShop reserves the right to change the terms & conditions without any notice.


10. Dispute

Disputes will be setteled according to Norwegian Law, "The Dispute Act", ref: